AEGIS is a London based, privately owned, British security and risk management company with overseas oces in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Beijing, Iraq and the USA. We have substantial experience and a world-wide client-base, including governments, international agencies and the international corporate sector. We are a registered and active UN contractor, a major security provider to the US government and security advisor to the Lloyds Joint War Risk Committee.
We oer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security – from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism, close protection and support to governments. We run a worldwide network of oces, contacts, and associates and our clients further benet from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the military, diplomatic and intelligence services, as well as in the police, journalism, the UN, nance and commerce.
This breadth of knowledge, combined with our global reach and wide practical experience, allows us to provide the highest quality specialist security advice as well as risk management solutions that take meticulous account of the specic requirements of each client.
Open source information is available to all. The problem today is not so much access to information as assessment. Is it reliable? What does it mean? How does what it tells one about an individual country or problem relate to the wider world?
Most private intelligence providers oer an event driven service about an attack, a coup, a natural disaster. These companies can tell you what has happened and the back-ground to it, useful information while the event is occuring and in its immediate aftermath.Their private sources can often add valuable background to the event, but what they can tell you is essentially episodic.
The AEGIS Strategic Risk Assessment (ASTRA) proposes a radically dierent approach, one that draws together a vast range of diverse and often contradictory information to arrive at a conclusion about a country. Every country is embedded in the map and rated relative to the rest of world. The rating is compiled by Aegis analysts drawing on their extensive area expertise and range of sources. The rating covers 3 main axes, Political Risk, Business Risk and Ethical Risk. This 3 D structure encompasses 48 dierent independent risk factors.
About Risk
Risk is Relative: If someone asks “How bad is it?” the best reply is “Relative to what?”. Risk is always a relative concept. The ASTRA model has several built in comparison schema which let you look at a country’s risk relative to its neighbours or region. You can also dene custom regions – groups of countries that you want to cross compare.
Risk is Contextual : Risk is not an absolute but relies on its context to give it meaning. Something can be a major threat in one context but harmless in another. Think of a child’s toy on a shelf….. or on the stairs with the lights out. Likewise, what is risky for me may not be risky for you. That’s why we designed our ASTRA model to be customisable. You dene what factors are most important to you. You provide the context for the risk assessment. By changing the weighting factors, you dene your own risk space.
Risk lies in the Future: Risk lives at the margin of the known, where the incremental knowledge is. The ASTRA model is forward looking. It relies on human judgement rather than being a mechanical process driven by historic data series. Alongside the current risk score, our analysts also evaluate future trends in all risk factors.